Monadnock Lyceum Moderator

In July 2021, Joe was the Monadnock Lyceum’s moderator for Heather Cox Richardson’s presentation “What Can History Tell Us About the Present?”.

Truth and Falsity in Modern Times

In March and May of 2021, Joe spoke on the subject of “Truth and Falsity in Modern Times: How Freedom of Speech Got Us into So Much Trouble.” The presenters were Cheshire Academy for Lifelong Learning (Keene State College) and Senior Partners for Justice (Boston).

Media Law Resource Center

Under the sponsorship of the Media Law Resource Center, Joe and eminent First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams were webinar co-speakers on the subject of “Governmental Regulations of Civil Liberties During the Coronavirus Crisis” (May 29, 2020).

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

On March 27, 2020, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly published Joe’s article, “Eight Qualities of Good Leadership”. It also appears in the Opinion section of this website.

Gerrymandering, Cake Baking, and the Supreme Court

On April 7, 2018 Joe was a guest speaker at the Redwood Library and Athenaeum in Newport, Rhode Island. He spoke on two important cases, one dealing with the integrity of the democratic voting process, the other dealing with a conflict between a state’s public accommodations law and a wedding cake baker’s religious opposition to same-sex marriage.

He will return to Cheshire Academy for Lifelong Learning (CALL) in the fall of 2019, teaching constitutional law. His course is entitled “The Roberts Court and the Shrinking Constitution.”

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